Supercharge your charity.

Zambezi partners with registered UK charities to massively grow their donations. Onboard your organisation onto our modern, app-based donation platform and increase your reach, engagement and income. Here are some of the reasons we think we can be a significant boost to your organisation.

It's all yours.

Charities receive 100% of all donations made through our app. Donating through us is just like donating directly.

It's free.

We charge absolutely nothing to charities to be on our app. With Zambezi, the only way is up.

Unprecedented reach.

Our users are your donors. We've worked tirelessly to develop exciting digital incentives to encourage people to give amounts they can afford, including millions of generous people across the UK who you've found difficult to reach via existing means.

Predictable income.

We've made it easy for our users to create monthly subscriptions that will provide you with regular income streams that help you plan for the future. You'll receive donations from users subscribed to you every month, no matter where they might be.

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You're in control.

We form a relationship with each and every one of our charity partners, giving you the abilty to control their content and branding on our app. Say goodbye to generic pages on other platforms that all look the same or have outdated information - with Zambezi, charities are in control and can adjust the way their pages look as they see fit. Engage with your donors with your existing tried-and-tested digital content.

And it doesn't stop there.

We're working on all kinds of fantastic services for charities who have signed up our platform, from analytics to marketing and campaign support. Stay tuned for more ways your charity can lift off into the stratosphere with Zambezi. It all starts here.

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